Filfre 1.01

13 Aug

I’ve just released a new version of my Filfre interpreter for Z-Code- and Glulx-based interactive fiction. This offers no new features, but does correct a couple of quirks in Filfre’s interpretation of the Z-Machine and GLK standards that caused problems with not one but two games from this year’s IntroComp. So, if you are one of those who tried to play Speculative Fiction or Seasons with Filfre and had problems, this is for you. (Well, you’re still likely to have a lot of problems playing Seasons, but the rest of the bugs cannot be blamed on the interpreter.)

On another note, sorry to have been away so long. My wife and I moved from Denmark to Oslo, Norway two weeks ago, while simultaneously two projects that had been dormant for a while exited their wait states in a big way. With this perfect storm pretty much behind me now, I expect to have time to get back on the historical trail very soon.


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