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The Adventure Bundle

This is not normally a news blog, but I’m making an exception today. You see, Konstantinos from Gnomes Lair just brought my attention to his new collection of adventure games at There are five games included in the standard package: the brand new The Sea Will Claim Everything by Jonas Kyratzes as well as the older Gemini Rue, Ben There, Dan That!, Time Gentlemen, Please!, and 1893: A World’s Fair Mystery.

You can pay what you want for the bundle, as long as you pay at least $2.99 starting out. (That minimum will drop by $.05 for every 500 bundles that are sold.) If you pledge more than the average price for your bundle you’ll also get two more games, Metal Dead and The Shivah. So, hey, be generous, especially since proceeds go to a Greek charity and to launch an Indie Dev Grant.

Of the games themselves, I’ve actually played four already. 1893 is one of the largest and most ambitious text adventures ever created, and perhaps the most concerted attempt ever to recreate a specific historical reality in the medium. Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please are a pair of very funny graphic adventures in the LucasArts tradition. And The Shivah is the first work of Dave Gilbert, the man behind the Blackwell series. I’m less familiar with the other titles, but judging from the company they’re keeping I’m sure they’re also worthy.


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