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Filfre 1.1

I’ve updated my interactive fiction interpreter for Windows, Filfre, to version 1.1. It offers a few changes to correct bugs, glitches, and annoyances that have been reported to me over the last eighteen months. If you use Filfre regularly, I’d definitely recommend you take a couple of minutes to do the upgrade.

The full change rundown:

  • Updated the Z-Machine interpreter to the 1.1 standard.
  • Filfre now no longer locks its transcript file while the game is in progress. This should allow it to function properly with the Trizbort auto-mapper.
  • Fixed the annoying scroll “bounce” that was appearing on some machines running some games when the player first began to type a command.
  • The final text output from older Infocom games which end abruptly rather than prompting the player whether she’s sure was not appearing onscreen. Corrected.
  • At least one recent Inform 7 title was behaving bizarrely due to stack overflows. Increased the allowed number of variables in a stack frame in the Z-Machine interpreter to compensate.

If you play interactive fiction at all, and whether you use Filfre or not, do check out the Trizbort auto-mapping function sometime. It’s just so cool it’s bound to put a smile on your face.


Posted by on January 10, 2013 in Interactive Fiction, Modern Times