Here you’ll find collected in ebook format for offline reading most of the articles already published on this site, sorted by the historical year each volume generally covers. There’s also a special Infocom omnibus ebook, covering that company’s history from beginning to end. Please note that some multimedia elements — pictures, screenshots, movies, audio — may display imperfectly or not at all on some e-readers. My huge thanks go to Richard Lindner for doing all of the work of compiling these.

You can choose from versions with and without reader comments, and between epub and Kindle formats. These ebooks are free to download, but if you enjoy them please think about making a one-time donation via PayPal using the link to the right or, even better, signing up with Patreon to support the production of more articles that will in turn become more ebooks. In both cases, any and all amounts are hugely appreciated — whatever you can spare and whatever it’s worth to do you.


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